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Some Links

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Writing in yesterday’s Washington Post, Mark Perry and Michael Saltsman highlight the harm inflicted on low-skilled workers in D.C. by that jurisdiction’s cruel stripping from those workers a key bargaining chip that they would otherwise use to enhance their prospects of finding and keeping employment – that is, by that jurisdiction’s heartless or mindless (or both) minimum-wage diktat [2].

Here’s Sarah Skwire on writing [3].

Here’s Mike Munger on wing walking [4].

Jeffrey Tucker documents the intrepid efforts of private enterprises to help residents of Flint, MI, escape the damage done to them by their government [5].  On which, see also David Henderson [6].

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy is no fan of Obamacare [7].

Cato’s Peter van Doren responds to “Progressives'” call for a financial-transaction tax. [8]