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Some Links

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Larry Reed sings the praises of Bettina Bien Greaves, who is still going strong as she approaches her 99th birthday! [2]

Shikha Dalmia explains and celebrates the blow that Ted Cruz dealt to cronyism by refusing to cave to Big Ethanol [3].

My colleague Bryan Caplan understands that not all markets work well [4].

My Mercatus Center colleague Gary Leff does not do economics on the fly; he understands that behind that which is seen is much that is unseen [5].

Alberto Mingardi points us to this assessment of Thomas Piketty’s work by Antonio Foglia [6].

Richard Rahn explains the regressiveness of progressivism [7].

Walter Olson laments the curse of (Michael) Bloombergism [8].

David Boaz ponders the absence of the Beatles’ “Revolution” in Bernie Sanders’s campaign [9].