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Some Links

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I am very sad to learn that Andrew Coulson has died [2].

My colleague Chris Coyne analyses the lobotomized brain of a defense hawk [3].  Here’s the abstract:

Economists model national defense as a pure public good optimally provided by a benevolent and omnipotent “defense brain” to maximize social welfare. I critically consider five assumptions associated with this view: (1) that defense and security is a pure public good that must be provided by a national government, (2) that state-provided defense is always a “good” and never a “bad”, (3) that the state can provide defense in the optimal quantity and quality, (4) that state expenditures on defense are neutral with respect to private economic activity, and (5) that state-provided defense activities are neutral with respect to domestic political institutions. I discuss an alternative framework—the “individualistic view”—for analyzing defense provision and suggest it is superior for understanding reality.

On a related note, David Henderson and Chad Seagren call for an end to all draft registration [4].

Do high-income Americans really not pay ‘their fair share’ of taxes? [5]

Chelsea German and Marian Tupy explain that economic growth in Africa is being fueled by freedom and not by infrastructure [6].

Tyler Cowen’s next Conversation is with Nate Silver [7].

My Mercatus Center colleague Adam Millsap explains how the minimum wage increases taxpayers’ fiscal burden [8].