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Some Links

Tweet [1]

George Will is rightly critical of Obama’s abuse of executive power [2].

In this paper from a couple of months ago, Cato’s Jim Dorn explores China’s challenge [3].

Gary McGath explains that net neutrality undermines on-line freedom [4].

Here’s John Cochrane on Apple, Inc. vs. the F.B.I. [5]

I agree with Arnold Kling [6].  Do note, however, that some institutions at George Mason University are powerful, and consistently reliable, exceptions – institutions such as GMU Econ [7] / Mercatus Center [8] / Institute for Humane Studies [9] / Center for Study of Public Choice [10] / Law and Economics Center [11] / GMU School of Law [12].

John Stossel talks with Reason’s Matt Welch about which current U.S. presidential candidates is least-threatening to liberty [13].