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Some Links

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Focusing on Simpson’s Paradox, Elaine Schwartz shows how accurate statistics can easily lead to wildly inaccurate conclusions [2].

Emily Skarbek yesterday celebrated the 117th anniversary of Hayek’s birth by pondering Hayek’s soaring lecture “Individualism: True and False. [3]

Bob Higgs warns of the dangers of plural pronouns used politically [4].  A slice:

No amount of blather about “we,” “us,” and “our” can change the realities of government’s crushing every individual subject to its power into the Procrustean bed of its collective, one-size-fits-all standard, albeit the kingpins always seem to find a way to avoid compliance with the same dictates that supposedly apply to people in general.

George Will exposes another instance of theft by government [5].

Shikha Dalmia explores the consequences of Obama’s cynicism [6].

My colleague Alex Tabarrok says that Guru is the best pro-market film that we’ve never seen [7].

Sarah Skwire reflects on didactic fiction [8].