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Some Links

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It is a fact as scientifically valid as any in the social sciences: anyone so hungry for power that he or she will say or do almost anything to get power is not fit to have power.  Here’s Jeff Jacoby [2].  A slice:

To be clear, I don’t hate Hillary Clinton. I don’t hate Donald Trump. But I do find them both to be indecent and unworthy, graspers of low character whose rise to political eminence is a terrible reflection on the Republican and Democratic parties. Neither deserves a vote for president. They certainly won’t get mine.

Nick Gillespie thinks that neither Clinton nor Trump knows the facts [3].  (Me thinks Nick is correct.)

James Pethokoukis reminds us that Ronald Reagan was far more cosmopolitan and (classically) liberal – including, of course, on both trade and immigration – than are the GOP’s currently ascendant pooh-bahs [4].

Speaking of James Pethokoukis [5], I thank him for pointing out this excellent essay on trade by the great trade economist Douglas Irwin [6].

People under 30 are scarily ignorant of recent history [7].

Mark Perry is right to dust off this video from 1978 in which Milton Friedman offers important lessons about trade [8].

Sandy Ikeda explains that tolerance, criticism, and humility are core principles of freedom [9].

Someone who is intolerant, cocksure, and uncritical of statist nostrums (including its potted version of history) is Elizabeth Warren.  My former student Ninos Malek has more [10].