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Some Links

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Scott Alexander has the best piece that I’ve yet read on the EpiPen pricing scandal [2].  (HT Alex Tabarrok [3])  (And I agree with Dorothy Olson’s comment [4], on an earlier “Some Links [5],” that the Kevin Williamson essay that I there linked to does not adequately treat the nuances of this case.)

My colleague Tyler Cowen is rightly unimpressed with a top H. Clinton advisor [6].

And I thank Tyler for alerting me to this excellent Adam Ozimek essay, from last summer, on the minimum wage [7].

The excellent economist T. Norman Van Cott explains how to avoid falling for the sunk-cost fallacy [8].

My Mercatus Center colleague Stefanie Haeffele-Balch, and GMU Econ PhD candidate (and native Louisianan) Scott Burns, ponder Louisiana’s recovery from the recent floods [9].  (In the office today Scott is wearing his “Cajun Navy” t-shirt!)

Elaine Schwartz is correct: passengers should applaud Uber’s surge pricing [10].

Writing at Forbes, David Henderson shows that paid parental leave is no free lunch – or free leave. [11]