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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Mark Perry – linking to a column by Thomas Sowell and an article in my colleague Dan Klein’s Econ Journal Watch – puts collegiate “diversity” in perspective [2].

Speaking of Econ Journal Watch and collegiate diversity, here’s a short clip featuring newsman Brit Hume [3].

GMU Econ alum Abby Hall Blanco draws lessons from Trump’s taxes [4].

In the Wall Street Journal, Randy Kroszner reviews Sebastian Mallaby’s new biography of Alan Greenspan [5]. (gated)

From this past May: David Harsanyi isn’t impressed with Bill Nye (“the science guy”) [6].

As predictable as roiling seas and heavy rains in a hurricane are assurances from economically ignorant pundits that hurricanes and other destructive disasters are actually good for the economy.  (Indeed, even some economists fall for this nonsense [7].)  It’s maddening.  But Dan Sanchez pitches in to help us to maintain our sanity [8].

Alan Reynolds points to evidence that the availability of government welfare payments does indeed discourage work effort [9].  (Who’d a-thunk it?!)

Here’s the unedited footage of my and Scott Barton’s Learn Liberty livestream from yesterday afternoon [10].  (I apologize for the audio problems that plague the first few minutes.)