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Some Links

Tweet [1]

My colleague Pete Boettke celebrates the achievements and courage of Ludwig von Mises [2].

Not that any further reasons are needed, but Simon Lester gives us yet one more reason to completely ignore any and all assertions from Trump and his campaign about trade [3].

And here, Alan Reynolds does the same [4].  (Trump and his campaign are a grotesque circus of frightening and genuinely dangerous clowns.)

My former student Alex Nowrasteh takes on another manifestation of Trump’s xenophobia [5].

Steve Landsburg reviews some F.A.Q.s about Trump [6].

Brittany Hunter smokes the FDA’s officious war on vaping [7].

George Will correctly notes that James Madison would be surprised – and distressed – at how eagerly members of the U.S. Congress willingly ceded the authority of that institution to agencies of the executive branch [8].

My Mercatus Center colleague Sherzod Abdukadirov has edited, and contributed to, a new book on the dangers of our ceding to the state the authority to “nudge” us as its operatives deems best [9].

One of my all-time favorite books is Henry Hazlitt’s too-little-known 1964 volume, The Foundations of Morality.  Here’s its chapter on the social role of manners [10].