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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Michael Strain rightly wonders why Trump believes it to be bad for the American economy for foreigners to invest in the American economy [2].  (While I agree with nearly all of the content and fully all of the thrust of Mr. Strain’s important essay, I wish that, in it, he would have not committed the common error of describing a U.S. trade deficit both as necessarily raising Americans’ indebtedness and as signifying that “we don’t save enough.”  Neither of these charges is correct.  More on these complaints in a later blog post.)

Mark Perry joins me in thanking, rather than scolding, non-Americans who choose to subsidize Americans’ consumption (and, because most American imports are raw materials or intermediate goods used to expand production in America, also Americans’ production) [3].

Also from Mark Perry is this explanation of why trade with Mexico is great [4].

Vernon Smith spoke recently at the University of Southern California [5].

George Leef warns of an educational plague spreading across the land [6].

Speaking of campus foolishness, here’s Robby Soave on more of it [7].

Writing in the L.A. Times, Jacob Levy exposes the upside of political hypocrisy [8].

My colleague Dan Klein reveals the joys of Yiddish and economics [9].

Finally, students interested in free-market environmentalism will want to check this out [10].