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Some Links

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Ryan Bourne points us to – and comments productively upon – an interesting paper by Martin Feldstein on U.S. economic growth [2].

David Henderson asks (in the context of today’s debate over government-supplied medical insurance pre-payments): what is a loss? [3]

Speaking of the economics of health care (and of medical-care insurance), here’s an information-packed post by Steve Landsburg [4].

And for yet more wisdom on medical insurance, here’s Arnold Kling [5].

Bart Madden and Susan Dudley hope that the FDA becomes less officious and obstructionist – that is, less lethal [6].

Jeff Tucker is correct: every Taco Bell is a marvel! [7]  (No hyperbole.)

Fred Smith and Iain Murray argue persuasively that the market is a far more reliable guardian of the environment than is the state [8].

My Mercatus Center colleague Jerry Ellig busts the myth that judges in the U.S. today are biased against regulations issued by government [9].

George Will has some questions for U.S. Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch [10].