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Some Links

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Jason Sorens explains that the world today is unprecedentedly peaceful – and that the reason for this happy state of affairs isn’t the state [2].

Jeff Jacoby argues – correctly – that the trouble with the GOP’s plan to obliterate Obamacare is that it doesn’t sufficiently do so [3].

Chelsea Follett shares five graphs that reveal the increasing well-being of ordinary people around the world [4].

Arnold Kling offers a very nice example of when a good economist’s “casual intuition” is a better guide to reality than are empirical studies [5].

Gene Epstein is correct: the BAT is a bad idea [6].  (paywall)

John Tamny very much likes Phil Knight’s new autobiography, Shoe Dog [7].

Steve Gohmann, doing a fine impersonation of Bastiat, pens this excellent open letter on trade to Trump and Congress [8].

Bob Murphy responds to my defense of Mark Perry on trade deficits [9].