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Quotation of the Day…

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… is from pages 82-83 of Wilfred Beckerman’s great and ahead-of-its-time 1974 book, Two Cheers for the Affluent Society [2] (footnote deleted; link added):

51a08Uwf4RL._AC_US436_QL65_As Anthony Crosland [like Hayek [3]] has pointed out, it is impossible to draw a sharp dividing line between those of our needs that are innate and natural and those that have been artificially developed as a result of many factors, including our whole social environment. ¬†Furthermore, even if it were possible to draw a dividing line between artificial and natural needs, what’s so moral about natural needs and so immoral, or undesirable, about artificial needs? ¬†Would some people’s artificially induced “need” to listen to music or to acquire knowledge be less desirable a component of welfare than some other people’s instinctive, natural and primitive instinct to rape women?