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Some Links

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Here’s the next installment in George Selgin’s important primer on monetary policy [2].

Steve Horwitz explores the socialist catastrophe that is Venezuela [3].  A slice:

If you love the Scandinavian model, you don’t love socialism. You love market capitalism, because that’s what makes that model possible. (Whether large welfare states are necessary or desirable is a matter for another column.)

Allan Meltzer is remembered by Gerry O’Driscoll [4], by Jim Dorn [5], and by David Henderson [6].

Tim Worstall corrects Warren Buffett on the nature of capitalism [7].

Art Carden rightly admires F.A. Hayek [8].

David Harsanyi correctly takes Democrats to task over the hypocrisy they reveal in their understandable disgust at Trump’s use of presidential power [9].

Bob Higgs ponders the health-insurance quagmire [10].

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold exposes some of the many fallacies that fuel efforts to reduce America’s bilateral trade deficits [11].