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Some Links

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Tim Worstall explains that innovation is fueled by free markets and not by the state [2].

Robert Samuelson calms the fears of those who worry that robots will steal all of our jobs [3].

Speaking of robots, Bret Swanson and Michael Mandel – writing in the Wall Street Journal – argue that robots will save the economy [4].  A slice:

Information technology not only makes existing processes more efficient, it empowers entirely new business models, products and platforms. The physical category’s “information gap” is a drag on growth and helps explain the productivity paradox: Many workers seem not to have benefited from apparent rapid technological advance.

Fortunately, many physical industries are poised for dramatic transformations into digital industries—if we let them.

Here’s a recording of an interview that I did in March on the radio show Illinois Rising.  The topic is minimum wages [5].

My Mercatus Center colleagues Veronique de Rugy and Tracy Miller offer wise advice on funding surface-transportation infrastructure [6].

Alberto Mingardi ponders what to expect in France under the presidency of Macron [7].

Steve Horwitz is correct: environmentalists need to better understand economics [8].

Writing in U.S. News & World Report, Tom Grennes makes a strong case for repealing the Jones Act [9].  (Here’s [10] a paper, published by the Mercatus Center, that Tom wrote on the Jones Act.)