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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby wisely warns the press to avoid getting carried away with their criticisms of Trump [2].

George Will explores the creeping (and creepy) expansion of Uncle Sam’s power [3].

Arnold Kling has become more pessimistic about politics – but not about private enterprise and innovators [4].

James Hagerty remembers Allan Meltzer [5].  A slice:

He evolved into a libertarian. Capitalism, he wrote in one essay, “works well with people as they are, not as someone would like to make them.”

Does capitalism help or hurt women? [6]

Richard McKenzie offers a new and interesting angle on the BAT proposal [7].

Richard Ebeling writes sensibly about trade deficits [8].

Nick Gillespie interviews P.J. O’Rourke [9].

And, finally, Dilbert [10].  (HT Roger Meiners)