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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Here are the opening lines of Doug Bandow’s latest [2]:

I never expected to have trouble distinguishing the rhetoric of America’s president and North Korea’s leader. Nor did I ever imagine it would be unclear which official was more impulsive, emotional, blustering, and reckless. But these are not normal times.

Luis Pablo De La Horra explains that Paul Krugman is wrong about Milton Friedman [3].

Matt Ridley is no fan of the BBC [4].

Bart Hinkle wonders if Virginia gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam is something of a libertarian [5].

My colleague Alex Tabarrok points us to important research on support for “redistribution. [6]

Jon Murphy – an excellent GMU Econ PhD candidate – likes Gary Becker’s definition of rational behavior [7].

Here’s Ilya Somin’s very first article on the dangers of political ignorance [8].