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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Jeff Tucker ponders Paul Krugman and the perils of presidential power [2].

Speaking of presidential power, Jeff Jacoby explores the history of the power of the U.S. president to pardon [3].  (Brittany Hunter agrees with Jeff Jacoby that Joe Arpaio is not worthy of a pardon [4].)

John Stossel bemoans the flood of economic fallacies that follow in the wake of natural disasters [5].  And here’s Tim Worstall [6].  And Tim Worstall again [7].  And Caroline Baum [8].

Blame much of the damage inflicted in Texas on Washington [9].  (HT Bob Hessen)

Richard Rahn understands the complexity of society and of history [10].

My colleague Mark Koyama considers historical counterfactuals [11].

Bob Higgs pleads for a do-nothing government [12].