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Some Links

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George Will is a fan of Ken Burns’s new documentary, The Vietnam War [2].  Last night I watched the first episode.  It is indeed excellent.  (A tangential question: How many are the notions or ‘theories’ that are more absurd than the “domino theory [3]“?  Surely not many.)

Speaking of George Will, here’s a recording of a recent interview of him [4].

Here’s more useful information and perspective from Mark Perry on the recent U.S. Census Bureau report on income and poverty in the United States [5].

Eugene Volokh thoreauly explores the history of the phrase “The best government is that which governs least. [6]

Also see Jeffrey Tucker [7].

Alberto Mingardi ruminates productively on Gertrude Himmelfarb’s new book [8].

Richard Ebeling, with help from Ludwig von Mises, investigates the real meaning of liberalism [9].

Michael Zigismund helpfully assembles – and offers some comments on – most of the many critical responses to Nancy MacLean’s fabulist tale Democracy in Chains [10].  A slice:

I cannot speak for the field of history. But, as an attorney, if I submitted this book as a legal document, I would expect to suffer sanctions, a malpractice claim, and professional discipline, up to and including disbarment.