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Some Links

Tweet [1]

George Will is wise [2].

Also wise is my former student, Alex Nowrasteh [3].

Phil Levy is justifiably unimpressed with U.S. Commerce secretary Wilbur Ross’s take on NAFTA’s consequences [4].  (HT Bryan Riley)

Speaking of the seemingly bottomless ignorance about trade of Trumpians, my great Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold adds his clear voice to those who explain that Steve Bannon’s understanding of economic history is a misunderstanding [5].

David Henderson offers more evidence – as if more is needed – that that teller of fabulist tales, Nancy MacLean, paints a distorted portrait of my late colleague Jim Buchanan [6].

Matt Ridley explains that the costs of today’s climate policies fall disproportionately on the poor [7].

Ron Bailey asks if the Colorado River has rights [8].

Iain Murray is none too happy with London’s antediluvian ban on Uber [9].