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Some Links

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Russ Roberts’s latest EconTalk is with Mike Munger on an idea championed skillfully by my Mercatus Center colleague Adam Thierer: permissionless innovation [2].

In my latest Pittsburgh Tribune-Review column I point to some long-established legal doctrine that is inconsistent with the claim that the government is the author of all law [3].

My colleague Bryan Caplan is not impressed with government schooling [4].

In this short video, Johan Norberg busts myths about monopolies [5].

The U.S. sugar program is scary! [6]

My Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy isn’t impressed with the G.O.P.’s tax-reform efforts [7].

George Will also is realistic about tax reform – and about the G.O.P [8].  A slice:

When the president said tax reform is [9] “going to be so easy,” he overlooked this fact: The tax code’s baroque complexity that demands radical reform makes the code almost impervious to such reform. Every provision was put there to placate a muscular faction or to create a grateful faction.