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Nancy MacLean’s calamity of book Democracy in Chains did not win the 2017 National Book Award, despite the travesty of it being a finalist in that competition [2].  Here’s a slice from an essay on this matter by Jibran Khan:

Democracy in Chains, which has been thoroughly debunked by left [3], right [4], libertarian [5], and center [6], is no good-faith critique. It features fabricated quotes, ellipses to flip the meaning of actual quotes, and invents ‘facts’ out of whole cloth.

George Will is correct: Roy Moore is an embarrassment [7].

Here are Steve Moore’s thoughts on tax reform [8].

And here’s my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy on corporate taxes [9].

My colleague Pete Boettke explains why populists love big government [10].

Tim Worstall notes the reality of trade-offs [11].

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