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Some Links

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In this podcast, Jonah Goldberg talks trade with Scott Lincicome [2].

My new Mercatus Center colleague Christine McDaniel, writing in today’s Wall Street Journal, argues for tearing down even the tiniest tariff wall [3].

Thanks to Robert Wenzel for sharing this short video of Hayek discussing misconceptions about economics [4].

Sheldon Richman makes the case for ending so-called ‘net neutrality. [5]

Naturally, I’m delighted that Mark Perry made one of his famous Venn diagrams out of a recent Cafe Hayek post [6].

My colleague Larry White writes about Hayek on central banking and moral hazard [7].

With this new study, Jacob Bundrick and Thomas Snyder give us reason to doubt the stimulative effects of government subsidies to businesses [8].

George Will riffs insightfully on the ‘tax reform’ pending in Washington [9].  A slice:

The Democrats’ denunciation [10] of the Republicans’ tax cuts because they especially benefit the wealthy is a recyclable denunciation of any significant tax cut. The top 1 percent of earners supply 39 percent [11] of income tax revenue, the top 10 percent supply 70 percent, the bottom 50 percent supply 3 percent, 60 percent of households [12] pay either no income taxes (45 percent) or less than 5 percent of their income, and 62 percent of Americans [13] pay more in payroll taxes than in income taxes. So, any tax cut significant to macroeconomic policy — any that might change incentives sufficiently to substantially change businesses’ and individuals’ behaviors — must be primarily a cut for the affluent.