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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Arnold Kling points to more evidence of Obamacare’s failure [2].

GMU Econ doctorale candidate Jon Murphy offers some interesting thoughts on free trade [3].

Charles Hughes rightly criticizes restrictions imposed by the San Francisco city government on delivery robots [4].

John Tamny writes wisely about so-called “net neutrality. [5]

Marian Tupy looks back on some of 2017’s amazing advances [6].

John Cochrane likes John Cogan’s new book, The High Cost of Good Intentions. [7]

Here’s yet another reason to love Uber [8].

If the typical knee-jerk reaction of people on the political left were appropriate, today’s United States must swarm with employment discrimination against men [9].

Ilya Somin considers the politics of The Last Jedi [10].

The Beatles’s Magical Mystery Tour was first telecast 50 years ago today [11].