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Some Links

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My colleague Bryan Caplan nicely exposes problems with a familiar piece of “Progressive” and populist rhetoric [2].

John Cochrane is rightly grumpy about politicking economists [3].

Mark Perry is intrepid at revealing the flawed analyses of those who endorse minimum wages as a means of improving the lives of low-skilled workers [4].  Also on minimum wages is Matthew Lau [5].

Shikha Dalmia argues that #MeToo is turning into a witch-hunt [6].

My colleague Veronique de Rugy is understandably displeased with Elizabeth Warren’s flawed response to the breach of Equifax’s data [7].

John Long defends my late colleague James Buchanan against the absurd accusations leveled against him by Nancy MacLean [8].

Sheldon Richman debunks fallacies that fuel the ‘make-work’ bias [9].

Neera Badhwar debunks fallacies that fuel hostility to commerce [10].

Steven Greenhut debunks fallacies about taxation [11].

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