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Some Links

Tweet [1]

My colleague Bryan Caplan wins more bets [2].

George Will calls on courts to prevent breaches of contracts by cowardly university administrators [3].

Pierre Lemieux identifies a troubling trend in China [4].  But large migrations of people within China are having a happy effect [5].

Jeff Jacoby draws an important lesson from the recent special Senatorial election in Alabama [6].

Jay Owen is rightly pleased that there’s a wealth gap [7].

Arnold Kling likes The Post [8].

Simon Lester wisely cautions us free-market types not to get overly excited about the Trump administration’s alleged commitment to deregulation [9].  A slice:

Nevertheless, when you hear people tout Trump’s push for lessening the burden of regulation, keep in mind that with trade policy, we are seeing a regulatory expansion, including the investigations noted above, as well as, potentially, other new [10] measures [11] under consideration.

With whom should Tyler Cowen converse? [12]