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Some Links

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Here’s an audio file of my intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy’s recent appearance on NPR’s 1A; the topic discussed is the proposal for government to give bonds to children at birth [2].

George Will writes entertainingly about the anxiety of “Progressives” in Oregon over that state’s recent granting of greater freedom to motorists there to pump their own gasoline [3].  A slice:

Progressives are proud believers in providing experts — usually themselves — to help the rest of us cope with life. The only downside is that, as Alexis de Tocqueville anticipated, such government, by being the “shepherd [4]” of the governed, can “take away from them entirely the trouble of thinking” and keep them “fixed irrevocably in childhood.”

Here’s David Henderson on President Trump [5].

My GMU Econ colleague Larry White explores the comparison of Bitcoin to gold [6].

America’s middle class continues to improve economically [7].

GMU Econ alum Dan Mitchell is unimpressed with government’s record of ‘fighting inequality. [8]

Another GMU Econ alum, Matt Kibbe, has some sound advice for Jeff Sessions [9].

Mike Munger asks if Manhattan needs a “congestion tax” on Uber [10].

From a few months ago: here’s Levi Russell on the dynamism of market competition and the consistent failure of many people to appreciate this dynamism [11].