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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Bob Higgs calls out nativists for their arrogance [2].

Also from Bob Higgs is this explanation for why, in the United States today, it is simply silly to say about undocumented immigrants: They should just stand in line, wait their turn, and come in legally [3].  (Jeff Jacoby is among those who correctly points out that there really is no such ‘line. [4]‘)

My Mercatus Center colleague Dan Griswold writes wisely about immigration policy [5].

T. Norman Van Cott busts the myth that immigrants are “stealing our jobs. [6]”  (Note: apart from violations of contracts, no job can be stolen because no worker has a property right in a job.  Among the most misleading common ‘habits of the lip’ is the phrase, and its variations, “stealing jobs.”)

Mark Perry offers some important facts about immigrants [7].

Alan Golombek documents that comedian Dave Chappelle understands trade far, far better than does Trump [8] (and here neither Golombek nor I damn with faint praise).  A slice:

Chappelle summarized President Trump’s position viz a viz China: “I’m gonna go to China, and I’m gonna get these jobs from China and bring ‘em back to America.” Chappelle then interrupted his Trump soliloquy, asking: “For what, so iPhones can be $9,000? Leave that job in China where it belongs … I wanna wear Nikes, I don’t wanna make those things. Stop trying to give us Chinese jobs.”

David Henderson signs a petition to liberalize the market for plasma [9].

Tim Worstall understands the economics of bankruptcy [10].

John Tamny corrects Walter Russell Mead’s misunderstandings of China [11].

Roger Kimball reviews F.A. Hayek’s enduring legacy [12].  (HT Anthony Onofreo)