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Some Links

Tweet [1]

George Will ponders immigration policy [2].

George Leef is rightly unhappy with a pathetic 8th Circuit Court ruling in an occupational-licensing case [3].

James Pethokoukis argues that markets are more robustly competitive than antitrust enthusiasts believe them to be [4].  (I go ever further than does Pethokoukis [5].  A close study of economic history turns up little, if any, evidence that markets have ever generated firm or industry sizes, structures, or practices that have harmed consumers over any significant-enough length of time.  Indeed, reflecting on the government’s willingness to impose restrictions on both international and domestic trade – see the link just above to George Leef’s article – it’s preposterous to look to government, which habitually creates genuine monopoly power, for protection from imagined monopoly power.)

Scott Sumner writes about consumer and producer surplus [6] – and, especially you economists, be sure also to read carefully Pierre Lemieux’s comment [7] on Scott’s post.

John Miltimore asks why California has the highest rate of poverty among all U.S. states [8].

My Mercatus Center colleague Charles Blahaus warns of the budget-busting nature of Social Security and government health-care entitlements [9].

In the Wall Street Journal, William Easterly reviews Charles Mann’s book on doomsayers and their nemeses [10].

Free medical care is really costly for patients [11].