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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Amity Shlaes makes the case for growth rather than for so-called ‘equality. [2]

Here’s the conclusion to George Will’s current column [3]:

Americans consider deferral of gratification unnatural, which it is. Time was, however, thrift was considered a virtue. People sat at kitchen tables, calculating how to bring their outlays, for living and retiring, into alignment with their incomes. But eventually many people decided: This is no fun. Instead, let’s disconnect enjoyable spending decisions from tiresome facts about resources, thereby living the way the federal government does.

(My GMU colleague Todd Zywicki’s 2014 book [4] keeps me from being, on this front, as pessimistic as is George Will about household behavior.)

NAFTA makes burgers better [5].

David Henderson isn’t worried about innovation leading to lasting unemployment [6].

Communism is nothing to celebrate [7].

Here’s good sense from Richard Rahn [8].

My former teacher Randy Holcombe is an easy grader [9] (but, in fairness to Randy, all such grades are inevitably done on a curve).

Kate Andrews and Steve Davies discuss, in this podcast, the economics and morality of ticket scalping [10].  (BTW, Happy Birthday, Steve!)