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Some Links

Tweet [1]

GMU Econ alum Ninos Malek says “Let the market give discrimination its just desserts. [2]

Speaking of discrimination – or at least of allegations of discrimination – Christina Hoff Sommers continues to bust myths [3].

Sam Staley reviews five recent movies that deal with race relations in the United States [4].

George Will isn’t moved by animal spirits [5].

Here’s David Henderson on the plausible claim – made by me and others – that ordinary Americans today are indeed richer than Rockefeller was 100 years ago [6].

Vincent Geloso offers his list of best economic-history papers of 2017 [7].

It’s a very good thing that Trump’s immigration policies weren’t in place for the past 53 years [8].

Why does government keep expanding? [9]

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy continues to plead for Uncle Sam to tighten his belt [10].