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If You’re an Ordinary American in 2018, You Are Materially Richer Than Was the Richest Human Being Alive in 1918

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Today – February 20th, 2018 – is the second anniversary of what is by far the single most popular blog post that I’ve ever written [2].  It’s on how ordinary Americans today are quite plausibly materially richer than was J.D. Rockefeller a mere 100 years earlier.  I stand by that claim.  And if my claim is correct – or even if it is a candidate for being correct – of what relevance is all of today’s hand-wringing over, and pontificating about, differences in the sizes of monetary incomes or of monetary wealth?

If you are alive today in a first-world country, you are historically off-the-charts super rich.  You are among the luckiest and most fortunate human beings ever to draw a breath.  So if you’re complaining about the fact that your income or wealth isn’t as high as is that of, say, Bill Gates or George Clooney or your neighbor-the-neurosurgeon, stop it and grow up.  You are complaining about an insignificance.  Appreciate your immense good fortune.