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A Protectionist is Someone Who…

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… upon seeing Jones’s riches increase when Jones robs Smith, concludes that Jones and Smith are thereby made collectively richer; the protectionist then counsels that Smith and Jones can further increase their collective riches if Smith now rob Jones. ┬áBlind to all but the immediate bounty of the plunderer, the protectionist concludes that plunder is a means of collective enrichment.

Of course, the fact that the protectionist calls the plunder that he or she recommends “protection” – or “trade policy” – or “America First!” or “India First!” or “You-name-the-country First!” or whatever – does nothing at all to alter the essence of what is going on: P, to enrich himself, uses G to forcibly prevent D from dealing with F. ┬áThat’s plunder regardless of what it’s called.