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Some Links

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My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy explains that when governments compete to see which one can most surely and harshly abuse its own citizens – such as when governments wage so-called “trade wars” – the more authoritarian the government, the greater its advantage [2].

Also on the absurdity of so-called “trade wars” is Eric Boehm [3].

Protectionists are chicken [4].

Radomir Tylecote makes the case for free trade [5].

Here’s David Henderson’s new Concise Encyclopedia of Economics biographical essay on my late, great colleague Gordon Tullock [6].

Walter Olson writes about the latest bit of craziness from California – this time dealing with coffee [7].

Steve Horwitz pulls rank – rightly so – on Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions [8].

Bruce Yandle informs politicians that reality is not optional [9].