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Some Links

Tweet [1]

George Selgin clearly explains the controversy over TNB [2].

America has an imperfect record of resisting homegrown tyrants [3].

George Leef writes of business schools being invaded by “social justice” teachings [4].

Richard Ebeling is correct: macroeconomic aggregates hide more than they reveal [5].

Joe Carter adds his clear voice to those who lament how hurricanes stir up the broken-window fallacy [6]. And read also Rick Newman [7].

Speaking of natural disasters, here’s Dan Mitchell’s guide to everything you need to know about FEMA and U.S. government disaster “relief. [8]

They’re gated, but here are links to Geoff Brennan’s review [9], and to Jennifer Burns’s review [10], of Nancy MacLean’s fictional, vicious tale Democracy in Chains. (HT Andrew Farrant) (I will try to get ungated copies of these reviews to post here at Cafe Hayek.)