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My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy decries yet another G.O.P. capitulation on health care [2]. Here’s her opening paragraph:

Republicans have established a clear pattern on health care. First, they rail against whatever big-government scheme Democrats propose. Then, after a half-hearted and incompetent effort to convince the public of the benefits of a market-oriented system, they abandon their principles and adopt the big-government idea as their own in order to win or hold power.

If you really want to create jobs as quickly as possible, curb occupation-licensing restrictions – so argues my Mercatus Center colleague (and GMU Econ alum) Matt Mitchell [3]. A slice:

The ostensible reason for licensure is to protect public health and safety. A well-designed set of tests and training requirements might do that. On the other hand, licensure limits one of the strongest guarantors of good service: competition.

David Bier reports the good news that the United States House of Representatives that will be gaveled into action in January 2019 will be the most pro-immigration House in over a century [4].

David Henderson writes wisely about writing about taxation [5].

Emily Ekins has a refreshing take on pre-existing conditions [6].

Jeffrey Tucker argues that there might indeed be a case for financial intermediation [7].

George Will is right to applaud a divided U.S. Congress [8].

Richard Ebeling makes the case that liberal capitalism is the ideology of freedom and moderation [9].

GMU Econ alum Ryan Young asks: “What do the midterms mean for trade? [10]