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Some Links

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Kevin Williamson explains why those who believe that minimum-wage statutes are a boon to low-skilled workers are in denial of reality [2].

Chris Edwards rightly bemoans the socialism that is U.S.-government agricultural policy [3].

Vincent Geloso draws a lesson for Americans from the economic history of Canada [4].

Dan Mitchell offers more evidence in support of private Social Security [5].

Rob Bradley is optimistic about the future of energy [6].

Eric Boehm marks the first anniversary of the end of so-called “net neutrality. [7]

Jeff Jacoby argues that America needs less welfare and more immigrants [8].

Randy Holcombe exposes the blazing economic ignorance of Trump’s latest ‘explanation’ of how Mexicans will pay for Trump’s (vile) border wall [9].

Mark Perry offers further data on the predations of Trump’s tariffs [10].