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Some Links

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GMU Econ alum Eric Crampton blogs on Andrew Farrant’s new paper – a paper that exposes as utterly fallacious Nancy MacLean’s accusation that Jim Buchanan was an advisor to Pinochet [2].

Richard Ebeling defends Ludwig von Mises against Quinn Slobodian’s intellectual carelessness [3].

Here’s GMU Econ alum Wayne Crews on the current government ‘shutdown [4].’

Mike Rappaport writes again on the myth that unemployment insurance definitely cannot be supplied by the private sector [5].

David Henderson shares some vignettes about the late Harold Demsetz [6].

Here’s part 1 of Alberto Mingardi’s and Terence Kealey’s critical take on the work of Mariana Mazzucato [7].

Marian Tupy explains how capitalism brought tourism to the masses [8].

Mark Perry reports on yet another unnecessary burden that Trump’s tariffs are imposing on Americans [9].