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Some Links

Tweet [1]

My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy calls for a policy of more-open immigration [2].

In this op-ed, Hane Crevelari and I tell a tale of protectionism in Brazil [3]. A slice:

Protectionist measures, such as tariffs and quotas, partially explain why buying an iPhone X in Brazil costs more [4] than flying from Rio de Janeiro to Miami, purchasing the phone there, and then flying back to Brazil.

Here’s Art Carden on the folly of rent control [5].

And writing on the folly of the minimum wage is Tim Worstall [6].

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan writes wisely on judging poverty [7].

How satisfied are people with the subsidies doled out by their governments? Chris Edwards reports [8].

Why does anyone older than the age of two months take David Sirota seriously [9]? (The same question, of course, can be asked about Sirota’s new advisee, Bernie Sanders.) And see also this years-old Cafe Hayek post [10].

George Selgin exposes yet another doozy committed by champions of so-called “modern monetary theory. [11]