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Some Links

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Rick Geddes is correct: socialism has an unbroken record of producing abysmal economic and political outcomes [2].

For more insight into the awfulness of socialism, read this essay by Jeffrey Tucker [3].

GMU Econ alum Will Luther rightly reminds us that the Fed’s independence is not what it’s trumpeted as being [4].

Here’s the opening paragraph of George Will’s latest column [5]:

The Democrats’ presidential aspirants seem determined to prove that their party’s 2016 achievement — the election of the current president — was not a fluke that cannot be repeated. But the Republican Party, whose last remaining raison d’etre is to frustrate Democrats, seems to be thinking: We are determined to lose the 2020 election to foil Democrats’ attempts to lose it.

My GMU Econ colleague Mark Koyama explains the institutional roots of anti-semitism [6].

“As the primary advocates of government-spending programs to address social problems, the left would do well to develop a keener appreciation of the possibility that the spending they propose won’t work.” – so sensibly argues Megan McArdle [7].

“Tariff Man” Trump rides again – so laments Bruce Yandle [8].