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Some Links

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My intrepid Mercatus Center colleague Veronique de Rugy reports on a severe factual problem that is at the core of a new ‘conservative’ scheme to increase paid family [2].

Here’s Mark Perry on the enormously high costs of Trump’s tariffs punitive taxes on Americans who purchase goods assembled abroad [3].

Catherine Rampell is rightly critical of the Trump administration’s hypocrisy on matters of trade [4].

Jeff Miron exposes an instance of domestic protectionism [5].

Ilya Somin tells us what Elizabeth Warren gets wrong about Daenerys Targaryen [6].

Ben Zycher exposes the irrationality of the religion whose adherents celebrate “Earth Day [7].”

My GMU Econ colleague Bryan Caplan encourages Dan Moller to extend his – Moller’s – philosophical analysis to immigration [8].

Richard Rahn warns of the returning slavery [9].