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Some Links

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GMU Econ PhD candidates Jon Murphy and John Schuler have a new essay with a Coasean message at EconLib [2].

Mark Perry points us to new research that further reveals the high costs to Americans of Tariff Man’s policy of punitively taxing Americans who purchase imports [3].

Mike Munger smartly ponders our world of contracts [4].

Wofford College economist Frank Machovec is among the great professors praised in today’s Wall Street Journal [5].

Alan Reynolds exposes the incredibly shoddy reporting behind the claim that 40 percent of Americans cannot afford to cover an emergency expense of $400 [6]. (HT David Henderson)

Here’s more from Bryan Caplan on Tyler Cowen’s new book, Big Business [7].

My Mercatus Center colleague Adam Thierer asks if innovation makes us less human [8].

My former student Ninos Malek defends Chick-fil-A against discrimination by government [9].