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Henderson on Iacocca … and Iacocca on Japan

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David Henderson remembers one of the premier American crony capitalists of the 20th century, Lee Iacocca [2] (who died yesterday).

Americans who can remember as far back as the 1980s remember Iacocca as a fierce and frequent proponent of government-imposed restraints on Americans who chose to purchase cars made in Japan (at least if these vehicles were not sold under the Chrysler label!).

I recall – or think that I recall – a print ad, circa 1988, of Iacocca issuing an absurd protectionist pronouncement along the lines of ‘We defeated the Japanese in World War II. Now we’re letting them defeat us.’

I used Google to search for such an ad, but I cannot find it. It’s possible that my memory is faulty. But I wonder if any of you remember any such ad – or can locate it for me.