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Hayek’s Articles

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Kevin Cobb e-mailed to ask what are my “top ten articles by Hayek”.

Wow. That’s a difficult question to answer. But I’ll give it a shot.

I exclude books, book chapters, and articles that became incorporated in full into any of Hayek’s books. (And I reserve the right later to change my mind.)

The order of this listing is chronological:

The Trend of Economic Thinking [2],” 1933

The Facts of the Social Sciences [3],” 1943

The Use of Knowledge in Society [4],” 1945

Individualism: True and False [5],” 1945

The Meaning of Competition [6],” 1946

The Economy, Science, and Politics [7],” 1963

Kinds of Order in Society [8],” 1964

The Errors of Constructivism [9],” 1970

The New Confusion About ‘Planning’ [10],” 1974

The Pretence of Knowledge [11],” Nobel Lecture, 1974


Some, but not all, of these articles are reprinted in The Market and Other Orders [12] (Bruce Caldwell, ed., 2014).