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Some Links

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Let’s hope that the truly good folks at the Institute for Justice succeed in their quest to stop this instance of that banana-republic practice called civil asset forfeiture [2].

Bruce Yandle asks if the coronavirus can end the trade war [3].

I didn’t know Rudy Gonzales. My loss [4].

“Today, though, journalists are becoming zealous to silence their ideological rivals—and the fervor is mainly on the left.” – so wrote John Tierney a few months ago [5].

Mark Perry gives us a good picture of just how enormous the American economy is [6].

Pierre Desrochers and Joanna Szurmak explain “why markets, growth, and innovation are the antidote to eco-Pessimism. [7]

Arnold Kling isn’t buying Anne Case’s and Angus Deaton’s case that responsibility for the opiod crisis rests with capitalism [8]. A slice:

The authors repeatedly glide by alternative explanations for deaths of despair that do not involve pharmaceutical company rapacity, systemic flaws in America’s health care system, or corporate power in general.