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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Deirdre McCloskey polishes James Pethokoukis’s defense of those who earn billions of dollars in markets [2].

Bruce Yandle surveys women’s participation in the workforce [3].

Here’s David Henderson [4] – and here’s Charles Cooke [5] – on the truly mind-boggling innumeracy and gullibility of many in the mainstream media.

Matt Ridley offers wisdom on how to deal with pandemics [6]. Also writing wisely on infectious diseases – and, in addition, on the U.S. FDA – is Alex Tabarrok [7].

Walter Olson argues that Chuck Schumer need to apologize again – this time for real – for his public threats against Supreme Court justices [8].

Josh Blackman reminds us that this date – March 9th – is an infamous one in U.S. legal history [9].