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Some Links

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My dear friend Betsy Fisher – entrepreneur extraordinaire – eloquently blasts governments’ sledgehammering of the economy [2].

Also writing about this mad sledgehammering is Mike Munger [3]. And Nick Gillespie [4].

Here’s the first of Hans Eicholz’s blog posts on MMT and Austrian economics [5].

Vittorio Nastasi argues for a permanent relaxation of the restrictions against telemedicine and other modes of competition among physicians [6].

Eric Boehm writes about the staggering and frightening sudden growth in the U.S. government’s budget deficit [7]. This fiscal incontinence will not end well.

Joakim Book argues eloquently against the economic ignorance that undergirds support for restrictions on so-called “price gouging. [8]” A slice:

For some reason, supporters of these policies refuse to accept that the world with a threatening event is different from the world a few days before without the same event. Something has changed in between; the conditions that brought about yesterday’s prices have changed – often suddenly and without warning. Why would you want to force anybody to operate today at yesterday’s prices?

Back to Mike Munger: in this video he discusses so-called “price gouging. [9]