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Some Links

Tweet [1]

Woodstock occurred during a pandemic [2].

Julian Morris, Adrian Moore, and Jacob James Rich offer “An evidence-Based Approach to Fighting the Coronavirus Pandemic. [3]

Samuel Gregg reviews – largely favorably – Michael Strain’s new book, The American Dream Is Not Dead [4].

Pierre Lemieux writes about the abominable $1,200 “gift [4].”

Peter Calcagno asks if an upside of the covid-19 crisis might be some permanent deregulation [5].

The coronavirus has broken everyone’s windows, and the glazier cannot leave his house to fix them.” – so begins a new essay by Katherine Mangu-Ward [6].

George Leef reports on yet another instance of the tyrannical mindset of many academics [7].

Ian Vásquez remembers Deepak Lal [8]. And here on Deepak is John Taylor [9].