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Some Links

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Art Carden remembers the late W.H. Hutt on the 121st anniversary of the latter’s birth [2]. (I met Hutt once, in Fairfax, in 1987. He was a charming man, suffering terribly from arthritis, but with a mind as alert as ever.)

GMU Econ alum Abigail Devereaux looks at the connection between the severity of covid lockdowns and economic damage [3].

In this podcast, Arnold Kling makes the case for awarding a Nobel Prize in economics to Ed Leamer [4].

James Pethokoukis applauds Jeff Bezos [5].

Pierre Lemieux is correct: There is never a good reason for economists to ignore supply-and-demand analysis [6].

Steve Horwitz introduces Austrian economics [7].

“No more state aid” says Cato’s Chris Edwards [8].