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Bonus Quotation of the Day…

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… is from pages 306 of Philipp Blom’s 2010 book, A Wicked Company [2]:

Every dictatorship needs transcendence, the promise of a better tomorrow – a perfect beyond, a heaven, a paradise…. After all, only the quasi-religious adherence to a great ideal hovering just out of reach and demanding great sacrifices can justify the cruelties and injustices of today.

DBx: All who have thirsted for authoritarian, top-down command of nearly every aspect of life were given a gift in 2020: Covid-19. With much of humanity scared irrationally out of its wits by fears of Covid, we are now in the iron grip of hygiene socialism [3]. Our rulers promise us salvation from death-by-Covid in return for strict obedience to their diktats.

This paradise to which we are headed carries a ghastly price. And it is a price that we will pay not only today, but also – indeed, especially – when we sheep are more fully impounded in our hygiene paradise.